• Prof Tim Fletcher (ecohydrology and stormwater management)
  • Assoc Prof Chris Walsh (urban stream ecology)
  • Dr Geoff Vietz (geomorphology and ecohydraulics)
  • Dr Darren Bos (terrestrial ecology, environmental communication)
  • Dr Sam Imberger (aquatic ecology)
  • Dr Matt Burns (hydrology and environmental engineering)
  • Dr Joe Greet (riparian ecology)
  • Dr Yung en Chee (ecological modelling)
  • Dr Joshphar (Jasper) Kunapo (spatial hydrology)
  • Dr Chris Szota (Green infrastructure research)
  • Dr Belinda Hatt (seconded through Melbourne Water)
  • Mike Sammonds (Research Officer: data management and analysis)
  • Genevieve Hehir (Research Officer: ecological monitoring)
  • Peter Poelsma (Hydrographer and monitoring expert)
  • Rob James (Research officer: hydrological and ecological sampling)
  • Indira Senaratne (Finance Officer)
  • Dr Kathy Russell
  • Dr Stephanie Lavau

Post-graduate Students

  • Jasmine Thom
  • Rob Sargent
  • Congying Li
  • Andrew Thomas
  • Vicky McGimpsey
  • Wei (Daniel) Xu
  • Paul Hanley
  • Scott McKendrick

Associated collaborators

  • Dr Nick Bond (Griffith University)
  • Dr Peter Morison (VicWater)
  • Rhys Coleman (Melbourne Water)
  • Dr Tony Ladson (Moroka Consulting; hydrology and flooding)
  • Dr Angus Webb (Infrastructure Engineering, The University of Melbourne)
  • Assoc Prof Ian Rutherfurd (Resource Mgt Geog,The University of Melbourne)
  • Dr Mike Stewardson (Infrastructure Engineering, The University of Melbourne)


  • Desmond Ofosu Anim (Phd)
  • Jeremie Bonneau (Phd)
  • Matt Burns (PhD , now research fellow WERG)
  • Perrine Hamel (PhD; now Stanford in the Natcap project)
  • Fahmida Khanom (PhD; now Depart. of Environment, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
  • Harry VirahSawmy
  • Tony Lovell
  • Julia White
  • Georgina Zacks
  • Ying Quek
  • Manuja Lekammudiyanse