Prof Tim Fletcher (ecohydrology and stormwater management)

Assoc Prof Chris Walsh (urban stream ecology)

Dr Geoff Vietz (geomorphology and ecohydraulics)

Dr Darren Bos (terrestrial ecology, environmental communication)

Dr Samantha Imberger (aquatic ecology)

Dr Matt Burns (hydrology and environmental engineering)

Dr Joe Greet (riparian ecology)

Dr Fiona Ede (riparian ecology)

Dr Yung en Chee (Ecological modelling)

Dr Joshphar (Jasper) Kunapo (spatial hydrology)

Dr Chris Szota (Green infrastructure research)

Hugh Duncan (hydrology, stormwater quality & treatment, seconded through Melbourne Water)

Mike Sammonds (Research officer; data management and analysis)

Genevieve Hehir (Ressearch Officer: ecological monitoring)

Peter Poelsma (Hydrographer and monitoring expert)

Rob James (Research officer; hydrological and ecological sampling)


Jeremie Bonneau

Congying Li

Desmond Ofosa

Ying Quek

Kathy Russell

Andrew Thomas

Manuja Udeshi Lekammudiyanse

Vicky McGimpsey

Associated collaborators

Dr Nick Bond (Griffith University)

Dr Peter Morison (Melbourne Water); an environmental scientist with expertise in water governance and sociology

Rhys Coleman (Melbourne Water)

Toby Prosser (Melbourne Water)

Dr Tony Ladson (Moroka Consulting; hydrology and flooding)

Dr Belinda Hatt (Monash University)

Dr Angus Webb (Infrastructure Engineering, The University of Melbourne)

Assoc Prof Ian Rutherfurd (Resource Mgt Geog,The University of Melbourne)

Dr Mike Stewardson (Infrastructure Engineering, The University of Melbourne)


Matt Burns (former PhD student, now research fellow WERG)

Perrine Hamel (former PhD; now Stanford in the Natcap project)

Fahmida Khanom (former PhD; now Department of Environment, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Harry VirahSawmy

Tony Lovell

Julia White

Georgina Zacks