The Waterway Ecosystem Research Group, at the Burnley Campus of the University of Melbourne, is a group of  researchers studying interactions between landscapes and running waters.  We aim to develop tools for achieving healthy streams and rivers in urban and rural landscapes.

The group is made up of ecologists, hydrologists, chemists, geomorphologists and works in collaboration with social scientists and environmental economists.  Combined, these skills allow us to undertake novel interdisciplinary research, as well as fundamental and applied research within each of our own disiplines.

Our research spans a range from laboratory studies (e.g. development and testing of stormwater management technologies) through to modelling (e.g development and application of hydrologic, hydraulic and ecological models) and field-based research (e.g. examination of drivers of ecological and geomorphic condition of running waters, at whole-of-catchment scale).

We work in close collaboration with other researchers from around the world, and in close collaboration with industry partners.  Most of all, we aim to do high quality research that makes a difference to the way running waters are managed, and to have fun doing it!