WERG believes that research should be undertaken in a collaborative manner.  We thus have many important research and industry collaborators:

Research collaborations

Green Infrastructure Research Group (GIRG) (University of Melbourne); we work on the development of green infrastructure (e.g. vegetated roofs) for stormwater management

INSA Lyon; we collaborate with INSA on a range of stormwater management projects, and regularly host undergraduate and graduate students.

University of California Irvine; we are working on modelling of the flood mitigation performance of stormwater control measures, in a collaboration funded through the US National Science Foundation PIRE project.

CRC for Water Sensitive Cities: we work with the CRC, contributing to their “Cities as Water Supply Catchments” project.

Industry collaborations

Melbourne Water through the Melbourne Waterway Research & Practice Partnership

Yarra Ranges Council

Yarra Ranges Water

Office of Living Victoria